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    NO MEN A LADIES ONLY group for ADULT (18+) Ladies who like Ladies, Lesbian, Bisexual or just wondering. IF YOU HAVE A PRIVATE PROFILE YOU MUST BECOME FRIENDS WITH THE ADMIN TO BE A MEMBER. Couples are welcome if the profile says Female then only the lady may use this group, males found using this group will be banned, with the exception of my husband. We also do request you have a real photo of you in your profile. Unless your DNA says female do not request to join. TG, CD, TS, ABC and XYZ's take it else where Ladies if your profile is private one of the ADMIN's will ask you to be their friend before we accept your request. So we may check your profile out, refuse the friendship and we will do the same for your membership to the group. Here is a hint if you can't think of a reason to join, WE really can't think of a good reason to let you join.

    Romance and Relationships - Singles/Dating - Bisexual





    Angela I [NO MEN]