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Announcement: Please, feel free to start a topic of discussion

Before I start to ramble on with different Civil War topics…

2 Confederate265 Confederate265 Confederate265 Sep 10, 2009 10:57pm

Announcement: Little known facts about the Confederacy and Fort Wagner, South Carolina

  The Confederacy declined to recognize newly recruite…

1 Confederate265 Confederate265 Confederate265 Sep 7, 2009 2:56pm

When the South rises again...

...I'll be standing beneath the AMERICAN FLAG when we slap …

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 16, 2014 11:12am


well my civil war reenacting season is getting started soon…

12 Bill W Bill W Bill W Oct 17, 2009 11:53am

Battle of Gettysburg

What would have happened differently had the Confederates w…

16 Bill W DELETED DELETED Sep 24, 2009 11:02am


i am very glad to finally see a confederate group that desp…

14 Wick'd M Wick'd M Wick'd M Jun 9, 2010 8:56pm

civil war in school or the lack thereof

schools in this country dont teach enough about the civil w…

20 Wick'd M Bill W Bill W Oct 11, 2009 4:23pm

Good afternoon all

You should definately start your tour in western Missouri w…

4 DELETED DELETED DELETED May 15, 2010 9:49pm

Ok Boys what if the South had won the war

Personally I believe that there would not be the hatred tha…

9 Bill W DELETED DELETED Mar 24, 2010 5:59pm

3rd movies

Few years ago , a movie trilogy about the civil war beguns …

15 Bill W DELETED DELETED Oct 4, 2009 2:50pm

Check out this website!

Hey fellas, check out, it's …

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 8, 2010 9:46am


ok why is it that the whiole country dont have a robert e l…

10 DELETED Doug C (no mafia wars) Doug C (no mafia wars) Feb 26, 2010 8:23am

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