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    Crystyle Queen of the Amazons--It Is My Destiny To Be So-- My people are in need of me--their lives cry out for our reflections of greatness!

    October 9, 2006



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    • Makes Me Wanna chorus - Rukiya

    • Basketball, volleyball, tennis, jogging, and I would love to learn how to play golf.

    • Greatness Enthralled If I be a goddess** Then my mate is a god** For we are the children of life’s Creator** We are the image of greatness enthralled** If I be a goddess** Then my mate is a god** A betrothed lineage of power** We are the chosen of greatness enthralled** If I be a goddess** Then my mate is a god** And mother earth is our home** We are the creations of greatness enthralled** If I be a goddess** Then my mate is a god** Filled with goodness and life** We are the tribes of The Almighty, greatness enthralled! storm.copyright2005

    • ONCE UPON A DREAM Once upon a dream** I saw myself, a mediator, a warrior, a Queen** A light of creation, a voice of love** A vice of revolution, an illustrator of positive change** Once upon a dream** I saw our world** Free of disease and hate** Free of poverty & filth, a more holy place** In the presence of an enemy** With a curse of death and destruction** We became sinful, therefore made victim** Lost in lies, then consumed by mass confusion** Once upon a dream** I saw my nation** More powerful than before** Victorious over the enemies of condemnation** Wise and obedient we flourish forevermore Once upon a dream I awoke with the power of many saints Followers of action, defenders of life Aside the chosen, magnificent in our honary place! crystyle.copyright05

    • Hazel cat eyes, sexy long golden legs, my body is banging to keep it real-u see my pics no need to complete this column!

    • I am a model-author-musician and interior/exterior designer. I am interested in photography as well. Being socially conscious--I hope to inspire others with my artistry --more important my writing. It is important for me to leave a legacy that will educate and inspire. I take pride in my artistry and aim high in my goals of accomplishments. As my ancestors and all african/american influences have molded me into the Queen I am. Crystyle Queen of the Amazons. Enjoy my page and follow my links as you discover my internet presence as well as the beautiful entities that has blessed this world with my existance!

    • Makes Me Wanna chorus - Rukiya

    • My Books-- Crystyle The Evocation** A spiritual reincarnation of greatness. These poems and prose take all on a journey of wisdom and truth. Inspired from the souls of many whose voice would otherwise be lost. Storm The Elements** A passionate expression of suffering, hope and life. These poems reveal the inner battles of mental and spiritual freedom. Storm Through The Fire** Through The Fire is a compassionate detail of life and the elements which produce change and miracles. Prose written of the African/American woman's experience Erotic Ecstasy-Vir'a Evoked Enjoy in my erotic tales--embrace my sensations! Introducing Vir'a Erotica-the most passionate seductress ever! Read and feel the pleasures I provide as you allow your imagination to fly into the realms of sexual bliss!