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  • About Me

    • Bach to Country...I love it all except for explicit rap and heavy metal

    • A Raisin In The Sun, On Golden Pond, The Unforgiven, 12 Angry Men

    • CNN, The Late Show, Star Trek (Original, The Next Generation, Voyager)

    • Daniel Steele, Patterson, Hocking, John Steinbeck, Lorraine Hansberry, V. C. Andrews, Stephen King, Anne Rice

    • NY Giants, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bulls, WNBA, Women's Tennis

    • History, Religion, Mythology, Anthropology, Psychology.

    • To be on the New York Times Best Seller's list within 2 years.

    • I have a beautiful mind, and an even more beautiful soul.

    • I am a native New Yorker residing in south Florida. I am a grandfather of a wonderful 6 year old. I'm a retired NYC Civil Servant working on my 2nd retirement at the end of this year (Thank God!) I'm also a writer of several books. This is my passion! If you want to know more about my books just send me a message. NOT HERE FOR SEX OR FLIRTS!

    • For those of you who like Crime, Fantasy and Horror books, Please join my group...Stonecastle Books

    • I love to write. I love to talk. I love to write (Oh I said that already) I love to make people laugh. I love Star Trek, Football, NASCAR, Boxing, Cooking, Eating lol, playing the pet game, my iphone, technology junkie

    • Spanish and Jamaican (Caribbean)

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