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  • Baris Osman


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    To Do Good in life!

    July 10, 2017



    English, Türkçe


  • About Me

    • I like Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Rod Stewart, themes, Bass hunter, Take That and more good ones

    • I like watching Star Wars, Harry Potter, Iron man, x-men, matrix, Troy and more cool ones

    • Doctor Who and Torch wood!

    • my fav books are based on animals, cars, games, snakes, dinosaurs, space and other great ones

    • I like watching Formula one and moto GP

    • Music, games, TV, films, reading and writing or doing research and good things.

    • To always be happy and cool

    • I like features of animals, cars, movies, books, dinosaurs and anything fascinating

    • I am Baris who is a kind man who likes doing good and cool in life ;)