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  • ~Kisha~


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    Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

    October 25, 2006







  • About Me

    • I like Gospel NOW!!!

    • I like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Animated, Sci-Fi, Romantic, Drama, Based on a True Story movies. I do not have any fav movies :(

    • My fav Tv shows consist of Family Guy, House of Payne, things that come on BET, Reality Shows, and many more....

    • My fav authors are Zane and others that I can't quite remem...

    • My fav sports are Basketball, Football, Boxing, and Wrestling.

    • My interests include working on my career in Business Administration, Internet surffing, being in chatrooms and chattin wit them crazy ppl..I am interested in swimming, dining out, shopping, watchin tv, sleeping, playin wit my kids, going out to fun places and more....