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  • I'll Suck☆Worship Your Tool 🔧

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    a little bondge never hurt anyone - ı ʍıןן snɔʞ ʎonɹ pıɔʞ pɹʎ

    September 10, 2023







  • About Me

    • I love all kinds of music however after a while they all need to be change to something else.

    • "Death becomes her"

    • Alf

    • Swallowing him

    • Anything that involves me using your 🕹

    • Serving men slow and lios to base deep while tied up laying on my stomach with him sitting up or laying dowb with you in my mouth although I prefer having you sit on my chest while leaning forwards for the full effect.

    • More like fantasies.

    • My throat

    • Just chilling looking for some loads to swallow with the right man who can hold his own and has no issue with making me his c=÷ksucking bith for an hour or two as I'm going to ask you to restrain my wrists behind my back. pardteee time in the mix or for the service you are bout to get you might want a Grant in that pocket minimum for supplies and chemicals that I use.

    • Three Hours, trying to find someone to go for 3.5 nonstop. Interested? Hit me up.

    • It is truly been an interesting ride through life and I did find out that I belong serving a black man as I have always admired from a far, I now go straight down as the proof of who is superior is right there with the Big African C, the muscles as well as the drive to make me serve as a personal csw to black man. I am advertised on dirty kink pigs in such a position. I would love to be a man's property however his bjyh would be amazing as far as I am there for his needs and wamts. My wants and needs should never be thought of and.i would serve any other man who I just to prove loyally.

    • Best throater in the region

    • When I am with my blackgod. It is my duty to swallow every single drop of your come. Please don't forget that. To me my King should always without questioning or reason shoot deep and Straight down my throat.