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    February 6, 2022







  • About Me

    • I like music that required some actual talent to create, and that includes many genres. Anything from soul, classic rock, ambient, drum n bass, deep house, r&b, hiphop classics, blues, funk, salsa,bossa nova, and some pop/ commercial hits...

    • Black Orpheus, Heat, Cube 1&2, Dark City, Training Day, Elf, etc.

    • Power, House, Billions, Wentworth, many others..

    • Many books about acoustics, audio recording, open source software and Operating systems, Books from Kurzweil about AI, On Tyranny, The King James and Cadre Bibles, etc..

    • Mountain biking in the woods, road cycling, rollerskating, ,track and field.

    • Rollerskating all over, spinning records/making mix projects, computer sciences, systems integration, Hiking/climbing, film and digital photography, interested in creatives like musicians, MCs,DJs,writers, poets, artists, and free thinkers.

    • Pretty much there already because my children are self sufficient and successful, as they should be.

    • My resolve, my ability to see solutions, my diligence, and I do exactly what I say. I give and need PROOF through ACTIONS.

    • What we claim is perception, and what we achieve what we can prove, is reality. Writing something and saying something about yourself without proof, is delusion. Action matters, self proclamation does not..


    • For everyone to be ready, willing, and able to PROVE they are worth their own words, claims, and expectations.