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    September 5, 2019




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  • About Me

    • rnb, hip hop, rocc, country, jazz, blues and basically everything that really makes since for real...

    • soul food, hustle n flow, boyz n da hood, cloccerz, a fall from grace, meance 2 society, juice, and wayed many more...

    • power, for life, empire, supernatural, bmf and 24...

    • james patterson

    • getting moneyyy

    • youll have to actually be around meee to find out, because im a hellavu person and you got to look inside my soul... TIME, ENERGY as well VIBE, plus CONSISTENCY... ohhh and cant forget to add affection, cuddling, loyalty and love uh putt you stepps closer to meee as well my dreamz...

    • meee personally all around

    • FYI: I ain't in a relationship, because I'm too loyal... An extremely hard working man, who has morals and ambitious to do better... With an mind that's tremendously awesome, and heart pure as gold... To where I'm not just settling for anything anymore, because I've then gave ungrateful and disloyal human beings majority of my lyfe... In which that's time, dignity and pride I can't get back... SO IN ORDER TO HIDE ALL THE SCARS, BROKEN PIECES IN MY HEART AND THE LOVE THAT PPL CONTINUOUSLY STEPPED ON... I remain humble, stressfree, focus more on me and building... BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY ALL YOU HAVE IS SELF, AND THEIRS NOTHING MORE THAN LOVING YOURSELF... Now tbh about me, before I completely tell you about me... Yes I am not perfect, yes ive then had my fair share of multiple women at a time... No I'm not an ladies men anymore, because I have pride and respect in myself... Plus I plan on being successful and married soon, if that's what god and I want for me... Yes I'm still learning, progressing, and understanding the tru meaning of love towards others... Because me myself, I'm still an working progress... Yes I want an real family with a picket fence

    • Sooo exactly wat are u looking for, because me personally tbh is To understand what life really has in-store for me or should I say US, and yes I would sacrifice it all just to make sure, that theirs only one special lady happy... Because that's all I need and I'm pretty sure she'll find me, no I don't have my own crib yet of an home I could call of my own... But i do have an crib, if that makes any sense... Love to travel, go out places and adventure... Spending alotta time with myself, Or family and kids... Very family oriented, and uh die behind family... Love cuddling, watching all types of movies, having adult fun and jus being spontaneous... Bigg Scorpioo Not that friendly of an type of person, because I don't wanna mislead anyone on... Yes I do have female friends, but none that thinks its more than that... Unless your willing to take the time to be and make more than that, and yes I'm talking to YOU my beautiful queen ... But other than that, I'm smart, very educated, modest, loyal, breathe taking, spontaneous, intelligent, adorable, extremely fun, brilliant, bread winner, encouraging, and sooo many more attributes that you have to find out... That you cant find in all men

    • Because imma BOSS and only tryna tangle wit a strongg minded, partner, whose educated as well freaky... but solid and loyal entrepreneur, because godd wudn't want me to only give partial of his prophet...

    • I'm jus sooo authentic bby, plus not trying to lead you to self destruction, thru the dirrt or mudd... nor even a rabbit hole, because I'm more into uplifting, building, sealing the boundaries as well bond we create between us... creating and appreciating the partnership, friendship and family beings... but mostly all jus being someone you cud count on, grow from, learn as well gain knowledge... extremely awesome, experienced and absolutely talented funn all around an about me... a brother who you cud vent, be completely free wit, enjoy everlasting moments and memories, enjoy life without regretting nor having a stress in your bones... but waking up repeatedly everyday and way, wit an reason for being happy, smile and success on your mind, actions and life... aye I'm jus knowing that you definitely deserve it, jus as well as I...