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  • DO NOT BUY Jessi♥Pookiepoo Lesbian♥

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    April 28, 2019



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  • About Me

    • Whatever music that get's Pookie and I in the mood

    • The homemade videos of Pookie and i

    • Does homemade vidoes of pookie and i count for tv shows lol

    • Whatever food Pookie lets me eat off of her sexy body

    • any sport that involves Pookie and I in bed together

    • Pookie is my interest

    • My dream right now is to eat a certain female's kitty from Ohio on here! If only we lived in the same state

    • I say what is on my mind even if it get's me in trouble! I don't care if your chat feelings get hurt! I rather say what is on my mind than bite my tongue! And if you don't like it that's your issue and not mine

    • About me I am a mom of 4 (2 mine 2 adopted 3girls 1 boy (oldest) I am in a LTR with my childhood best friend! We have been together as a couple since 2006 but have known each other since 1985! In my free time if I am not on here chatting with you ladies I love walking on the beach and relaxing out in the sun!

    • Please do not send me a friend request if you are a male or someone with a private profile! One exception on "private profiles" we would have to have "groups" in common for me to add you as a friend! Other than that I won't do it! And as you can see right now I am not in any groups!

    • Just here to play pet's and kill free time and chat with friends! I am not interested in anything else!

    • Since they took the feed away come join my group ladies and meet other ladies to make friends play pets with! Just click or copy and paste this link into browser my only requirement is no ladies will be accepted into the group with a private profile!