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    • The Fabric of Life By: C. B Where is my hope. My pride? Have it dissolved like the erasing of paper to acid before my very eyes-? Have my, life long- agendas, been thoughts keeping me company, by filling in the gaps of my mind --. Just to one day, prove - they were just things... Not material, not real, illusions ... We are mere people with a computer for a brain that must be fed.-. Without the input of activity, knowledge of some form, it attaches to something, someone because. It needs to feed. When the Architect of this world, removes the green screen, we shall know. We are a people who are worthy to live a just life on this planet of exercise. Who's to say that, we aren't actually inside of a giant glass bowl as ants being studied? What will it matter, when everything you've known is gone? The company, Aires, etiquettes, lifestyle,the you who you think you are... I see a rift! It's getting larger in the fabric of earth. I say, expect nothing from others, enjoy your freedom while it last. Whatever goals you've set for self, Rush to see the end results. When this is over....the game shall start AGAIN. As a program you don't remember, you were just born into.

    • All of Me Who's to say, that our Creator is really invisible. We maybe programmed not to see Him as He stands right before us, doing a review of what He made -. Our advanced technicians who know how to repair these sophisticated bodies, as well, have the opportunity to allow us to view them when integrating another program to spread amongst us -, as the color red dropped in a bowl of water... It spreads--. Are they Angels, Guardian Angels who care for us as we are still children, no matter what our age... At touch if a chemical or two, defines our time here called, aging or grey hair... Then, there's another anomaly who seems not to age at all.. why is that? They live from their heart. They grew up without losing their child like love, compassion or hope. These anomalies, endures pain and Heartache. They take it so deep yet, heal and forget the pain as if, it never happened. These anomalies are so forgiving however, we know them as Earth Angels, but the unlearned have other names for them .. fool, gullible, easy. Wars --, we know them but are they not templates as well to give the brain a stir. Just another program introduced for stimulation.

    • Dr Poetic Empress Original. I love poetry, music, a romantic from my soul. I am in love with the thought of love with the desire to share it with One Special Man made just For Me, I write songs, paint amongst a vast of other things. beauty can be found in almost anything. I view a person from their soul not outwardly. Shallow -Love, is based on a person's substance. Comprehension of Real love brings a couple to their desires n dreams, by support of God if allowed to govern and renew the love daily. When all the playing is gone, who will take you serious? What will you have to offer someone special in your life that's sacred, when it has been given away to those unworthy. Your body fails to perform. Love/compatibility should be based on Spiritual connection, not flesh. Alternative Medicines (Herbalist) is my next challenge.. I have dabbled since 15 years old.. I hold (5) five degrees, 2 are Doctorates. May GOD bless the man who accepts this blessing, understand his blessing. I am Spiritual not Religious we need both I am a versatile Being. Check me out on YouTube.. (humor) .thanks for viewing and reading my profile.