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    stop lurking my page if you aint f-in with me

    March 10, 2017




    Black, Native American



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    • Not on here for love and Yes it’s true nightmare everyone has a nightmare mines is where people pretend to be kind but there not that scares me 😱 come to my live find out the vibe table talk live Saturday 6:00pm pacific time I stream I gift if you want to support me go ahead and subscribe I’ll gift you if come in the live with it. Vote me for top badge fav me I fav you if your consistent I’m a pet player buy me ill visit your live keep me lock I’ll be forced to gift you 😂 My goal is To own my own 5 bed room house on nice peice of land. I ve been on this app 21 years yes that right 21 years so don t think I’m new to how a hater work. Mad love to (Boss da Gunny) Gunny games support this streamer with these emojis ✌️❤️🔥🕺👁️⚔️ Pet player =petmaster 1000 pet lover 🐗🐝🦅🦍