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  • Dale F **Thank you my owner :)


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    Not a player, more of a devoted puppie type

    September 27, 2015







  • About Me

    • Classic rock and pop...from ABBA to ZZ Top. Favs, Styx, Genisis, Def Leppard.

    • Action, Sci Fy, Movies I can watch over and over...Princess Bride, The Blind Side, Any Star Treks.

    • NCIS, Blind Spot, Heroes,

    • anything by James Patterson

    • NASCAR

    • Seeing the sights in D.C. area

    • Happiness is my dream and reality

    • My corky humor

    • I'm not rich, famous, and not a player. I like to live for today, don't know what will happen tomorrow

    • like to dance, beach, walks