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    И฿. ◤ ↬♆ЯΛ฿IΣ↫ ◥ ® what was the point?

    May 17, 2014



  • About Me

    • Anything from The Ice Age

    • Seriously? You have to ask?

    • TV....aaahhhh yes. TV. Humans still sit in front of the boob toob and waste away like that?

    • Batman Comics! My favorite villian? Seriously? You have to ask?

    • The Pittsburgh Penguins!

    • Fish, mostly. Swimming is good too, particularly away from anything that has multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth...Eeeeke!

    • I'm a bird, but I cannot fly. O! the Horror!

    • Just take a look! I'm devine! They don't call me The Emperor for nuttin' (;-)

    • The Emperor