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  • Michael W


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    Grand Tetons

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    August 30, 2013



    Pacific Islander



  • About Me

    • Anything Really!!

    • 300 , Be Cool, Get Shorty, The God father, Goodfellas,My Cousin Vinney , anything with some action and a decent story line and a little comedy! It's good to laugh!!

    • Grimm, Ghost Hunters & Chuck, Sleepy Hollow and N.C.I.S (All) and Hawaii 5 O...

    • Tony Robbins, Self Help books , Anything that helps Make the mind stronger, Dean Koontz

    • San Francisco 49ers &; Colorado Buffs the Oregon Ducks the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets.

    • Motorcycles, Trucks, & country girls, hunting, fishing.. make a mean pork chop!

    • Alot!! No Really I DO!!

    • It's a secret!! ( Oh, & I'm Pretty cool")

    • Tell a woman you love her & that she is beautiful everyday,protect her from harm and always hold her hand and her heart.. And that woman will give you the world!! Live life with everything you have with no regrets & be strong and silly along the way!