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    Always follow your heart, end the day you might be shocked to find the true love out friendship. Always listen to your heart as your heart know you be

    July 11, 2013





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    • swimming , walking , water skinning , boating , riding bikes

    • camping ,

    • Were we all can talk as adults and be honest to each other. Don't stop believing in love even it's hard to fine. Trusting yourself what you decised in life and those around you. Ask only what you need, and give what you are able to give. Give people trust and chance to show how they really are. Keep my faith and my love who is around me.

    • I might be big , but I have a good heart and I don't play with people life or feelings. I care about people around me. I don't like to be used, and be hurt bye stupid people. I have no time for them ! I give my all to my friends and family.

    • like to give hugz to all my friends and family and those who needs a hug to those who needs one.Even I not around much does not mean I don't not think about each everyone of you. I love you all you mean the world to me. I do thank God for family and .friends. And new ones' out there

    • Nick is 32 Stephanie is 30 and have two boy's, Alex is 7 years old and Tristan is 5 he is a year old. Tammie is 23 and she is the youngest. Then Alex's father is Micheal he is 30. and my kinda adopted kids Line and Mike.

    • The Video is my youngest daughter Tammie and im very proud of her. If you want to listen to her you are welcome too

    • Open Arms The day when my arms open, my love is going to change. Arms wide open, to hold your love next to mine Arms wide open, created the love between us. Arms wide open, between man and woman . Arms wide open, one wish one demand . Are love well stay forever. Arms wide open, when are life is one. Arms wide open, show your eyes my love is real. When sun hits your eyes, with full of love. Take this life with one hand, with arms wide open. writen by JoDee Olsen

    • Your Are My Heaven You are my heaven, you are my earth. Two body's one heart,make it one soul. Two hearts joining together as one,make us live and die. You are my life and my heart,my star. Two hearts are one soul,one life. Two heart and two souls, turn in to one. Two heart we move the earth and the heaven. You are my heaven,you are my angel, Two souls of love,two hearts are one. You are my love,you are my dreams. Two dreams,two people. Dream as one,as true love well live on. Two soul breath in one,that is what love is Heaven and earth. writen by JoDee Olsen

    • Never stop smiling, so the world can smile back

    • Everyone needs love in life, don't pass it by. But earn it !

    • I'm from Bullhead City Az USA and UK South Wales and Denmark. I live in Denmark due to my kids and my grandkids.

    • Hugz to all