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    June 22, 2012







  • About Me

    • Rock and Roll, all types Aerosmith is my favorite , sexually charged funk rock

    • Anything by Kevin Smith, Armageddon, Money Pit , Forrest gump, I like action movies , comedies and Dramas but not much into horror movies.

    • do not watch much TV

    • Tolkien, Robert Aspirin, Mercedes Lackey, Piers Anthony,


    • Art, Drawing, Sculpture, Woodworking, Crafts Painting

    • To have a love that is so beautiful it will make the moon lay down and weep. to find someone who understands me so well he knows what I am thinking by the sparkle in my eyes. To have my artwork well known and maybe a very nice living from it. working on that one.

    • My eyes , My long hair , My full lips , My sensuality and My sense of humor and my Loving nature. some men think my best feature is my large chest but if they don't get past that they never get to know me.

    • I am not looking for a one night stand or someone to perve all over me. I am looking for an equal , An honest , Gentleman if they still exist and want to build a life with such a man getting to know each other thoroughly inside and out.

    • First off if you are just looking for casual sex , keep looking . I am NOT A PIECE OF MEAT! I know this will probably mean I wont get any responses but at least I'm honest .

    • I am an Open Minded, Fun Loving, Independant artist and Mother of 1 autistic son 15 yrs old who is the light of my life.I love watching cartoons with him and hearing him laugh. a childs laughter is the best music in the whole world.I love to Paint and Draw of course as well as wood working and silversmithing, sculpting. I am working towards getting my artwork more well known designing everything from Greeting cards to Tattoos to fine art such as portraits and endangered animals.I basicly draw anything and work in all Different mediums.

    • I am a former self taught chef and like to cook for people.I love to try new foods and new recipes. I love Family gatherings and have one every Saturday at home.I love Animals and treat My Dog like a furry child.I have a Welsh Pembrooke Corgi puppy Named Juliet or Juju for short ,and she is, short that is. haha.I like to take walks with My dog or rather rolls. A car accident has left me in a wheelchair part time, but It doesnt stop me from spinning my wheels and getting out.If this puts you off I'm sorry. I may be vertically challenged but I am horizonally capible. but thats another subject. I know what you may be thinking but I am not paralized The car wreck just finished off what was left of my Cartlidge in my knees so Walking is limited to short distances and I use the chair when I am outside the house. I cant stand for long periods and as much as my spirit is willing to I can no longer dance at least not standing up.Ever heard of the sit down boogie? I invented it! lol I love Music, I love Classic rock,50's,60's,70's,80's,90's rock, but like some of the newer stuff too. I love to sing.I am told I have a nice voice. My favorite bands are Aerosmith and Meatloaf but I like Patsy C

    • I love to sing along.sometimes I just sing while walking my dog on the nature music just me and nature. it is very freeing.I like to say I like everything From BOC {Blue Oyster Cult}to Bach{Johann Sebastian Bach}. I like Video games, RPG games are my favorites,I LOVE the Sims and I like building computers as a hobby. I truly believe it is never to late to have a happy childhood. so, yes, I love Life and love to play!

    • I love long slow deep kisses that last forever,holding hands and public displays of affection and being an artist I have a very passionate side.actually I am passionate about just about everything I do. Sex being no exception. I am open and honest about what I like and dont like and not afraid to talk about it with the person I am in a relationship with.I believe that judgemental people are just emphasisizing the mental part of the I do love to fish, though I havent gone in a while. And I bait my own hook guys, even with chad gut. So no wimpy gal here.I am told I am loving and sweet and funny but thats just a rumor started by people who like me. I am extremely faithful and have never cheated on anyone I was with. Without honor and truth what is there?I am told I tend to draw people to me with my outgoing personality and have been told I ooze sexuality or sensuality whatever that means.I have an independant streak so if you are looking for someone to be a doormat I'm NOT your girl.

    • .I am a BBW so I am not a Twig and not going to be a twig. Compliments are nice but I want a man with Imagination, substance and a sense of humor, not to mention a kind heart and loving and passionate nature.I need Someone who will stimulate my mind as well as my body.I am a woman who loves Nature , it is true Eyecandy! There are very Few people who actually really see the world around us. I love the fact that I am one of them and can see the real beauty in everything and everyone.Not all people can do that, some are just too busy to see the wonder in a single snowflake or the beauty of a leaf or flower a untouched forest or a storm .I love going down the nature trail after an ice storm and seeing the incredible beauty of the ice clinging delicately to the branches , the sun glistening of each branch and how it is just as stunning if not more so in the moonlight. It is a beautiful place through every season, every time of year, but Samhain {fall}, Yule {winter}, and Beltaine {spring} are my favorites.I am very Lucky to live right next to such a place.

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    • This content is not allowed on Tagged and has been removed.

    • .lol.I have to add this now because of recent events, if you Smoke Pot,or do recreational drugs or anything else illegal ,LEAVE ME ALONE! I have had enough with stoners, especially the kind with no job or means to support HIMSELF. I support myself and my son thank you.I raised a good Son and I would like it to stay that way..I want a guy who is as proud to be with me as I would be to be with him. I am very family oriented and love family gatherings and cooking for everyone.