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    you can't have a future if your past is your present........

    March 1, 2012







  • About Me

    • new age, dance, country.....

    • willow, the descent, 300, dragon heart, lord of the rings series, harry potter series, die hard, jeepers creepers series, twister, hello dolly, excalibur, hunt for red october, runaway jury, pirates of the caribbean series, true lies, X-MEN series, etc..........

    • worlds dumbest, weather channel, merlin, legend of the seeker, the tudors, being human, stargate SG-1, enterprise, frasier, will and grace, etc.......

    • a wizard of earthsea by ursulla k. leguine

    • trail hiking, swimming, pro ice skating

    • cooking, gardening, trail hiking, leather work, animal rescue, etc........

    • to find my romantic match.........

    • eyes... sense of humor...and my butt

    • i'm a hopeless romantic with a great sense of humor. i'm compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic, responsible, passionate and love my friends to a faith i am wiccan and i believe in the creed of "FOR THE GOOD OF ALL AND HARM TO NONE". AS I WILL SO MOTE IT BE......3X3X3.

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