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  • Michael S

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    ONLY those with FREE TIME,interested,and can keep in close,consistent contact..NO EXCEPTIONS

    July 6, 2004







  • About Me

    • mostly anything,yet i love ambient,jazz,deep house,classic hiphop and rock,soul,blues,IDM,new wave

    • quentin tarantino and spike lee joints,Heat,Philadelphia,Black Orpheus,Elf,Boyz In The Hood,,etc,etc..just ask..

    • House,Law and Order,CSI,Soap(past show), old Saturday Night Live and In Living Color..dont like too many new ones

    • The Cadre/KJ Bible, The Power of Myth,48 Laws of Power,Zen and the Art of Making a Living,Kurweil's books,Lord Fouls Bane and series,by Donaldson,acoustics/audio,sampling books,and overall natural health books.

    • NY teams,Dallas,Minnesota NFL and some others,,Cycling,MMA/UFC, boxing, track and field,Yankees,etc

    • Skate instructor with SKATEROBICS,and avid and digital photography..IT freelancer with networks and systems integration..DJ/project studio/sound design/sampling/opensource music activist,and I ride road/mountain bikes

    • Small goals to big goals,learn and do all I can with the time and opportunities offered to me by the Lord,and for my family/children/friends to be healthy/successful in their endeavors..

    • probably arms and legs,and I think for myself...

    • I live in the North Bronx..ONLY interested in free thinkers,those who use logic,critical problem solving,and who are accountable for their choices.I do not do gossip,back stabbers,liars,thieves.I do what i say,I am what I say,and I expect the same.I stand by whatever I represent with action,not religious/political claims,and I enter friendships for life,not to waste my time with people who claim to be 'too busy'.

    • A woman with her own progressive,forward thinking,positive mind.A woman who has cultivated wisdom,has integrity,and does exactly what she says.A woman who does not have to use words/terms to try and convince others she is special.She does not describe herself,with words/terms she does not know the actual meaning of,instead allowing her actions to speak for her. People in general should be gentlemen and ladies,or whatever they consider themselves,respecting the doctines and views of others.People who practice exactly the doctrine they preach,claim,and do not try to impose those beliefs on others.Women who earn their own achievement,success,and are not begging nor expecting others to take care of their grown selves.Just be a decent,consistent,and upfront person.

    • Many fake profiles,escorts,scammers,delusional men and women,and plenty of people wishing for a huge cleanup in here... Social Network Being Sued for Identity Theft ...

    • Quean - definition of quean by The Free Dictionary quean (kwēn) n. 1. A woman regarded as being disreputable, especially a prostitute. 2. Scots A young woman. [Middle English quene, from Old English cwene, woman; see gwen- in Indo-European roots.] quean (kwiːn) n 1. archaic a. a boisterous, impudent, or disreputable woman b. a prostitute; whore 2. Scot a young unmarried woman or girl [Old English ...queen | Origin and meaning of queen by Online Etymology ... queen (n.) Old English cwen "queen, female ruler of a state, woman, wife," from Proto-Germanic *kwoeniz (source also of Old Saxon quan "wife," Old Norse kvaen , Gothic quens ), ablaut variant of *kwenon (source of quean ), from PIE root *gwen- "woman."

    • SOME PEOPLE CAN BE sO iLLOGICAL...1)This is a social site,so do not make me a friend if you have no free time to consistently communicate..Period...2)If you cannot communicate for whatever reason,like your 6 jobs,5 children,15 grandchildren,or 25 cats/dogs,you will probably still be deleted..3)I am not here to debate nor argue with fools,and I stand by what I say,even in person,so if you are not willing to say it to my face,save yourself the time of looking like a coward,and giving lip service online,from a distance...4) All you can do is block me,if you do not agree,and then you are gone..BYE!!!!I have had several morons who had nothing to say while we were friends,yet suddenly have time to debate when they get deleted from my friends list.I love to watch people contradict and clown themselves,so they can reveal who they REALLY are,despite the claims on their profile..