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    June 7, 2011




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  • About Me

    • I like mellow music, my fave is Jazz.. i also enjoy Neo soul, M'eshell Ndegocello, Zero 7, The Floacist, Marsha Ambrosious, Jill Scott, Chillout music, Urban Lounge, I also like Soca, Calypso, Reggae. my range of music is very versatile.

    • I love comedies, thrillers,action movies, old school kung fu flicks ( 5 deadly venoms, drunken monkey kung fu ) suspense...

    • CSI, Law and Order, The Food Network, Family Guy, The Travel Channel

    • I love all types of personal development books. Rich Dad Poor Dad, all Jim Rohn books, Les Brown, I also love poetry, Mya Angelou, Khalil Jibran, The Lost Poets...

    • I love football and Basketball, Especially when Im able to attend live pro games

    • Any dreams I've conceived. I've made my reality so I strive to DREAM BIGGER

    • My mind, my smile, My eyes, my heart, my business savvy, my $wagg

    • I'm a master in the art of living! I enjoy traveling the world, meeting and connecting with people, I'm a gourmet cook and love to entertain. I enjoy reading and writing poetry. I enjoy fishing ( Yes, FISHING.. I'm not afraid to get dirty... well, i do have limits.. LOL) I'm always open to new opportunities, I'm also very passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential in all aspects lives