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  • *Cassy*@Devils Pets thx Louis


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    Please read my thru my profile before adding me. If you want my msn, buy me as your pet.

    February 17, 2011





  • About Me

    • Pop, RnB, Sentimental

    • My photos already tell you what are my best features.

    • A carefree simple girl. Guys out there, please be sincere if you wanna add me, I dun wanna block anyone of you. Please dun leave any sexual harrassment comment on my photos.

    • Thank you all for the love! Please dun ask me for msn, yahoo id or phone no, I wont be able to chat with you guys all at once. Send me a message here, try not to use the same old pick up line..heehee, I will try to reply. No sexual offended message please or I will block you.