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  • David A


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    Condemned Stone

    Keep doing what you've been doing, Your gonna get what you always got!

    August 23, 2010






  • About Me

    • I like Metal, Rock, Pop, Jazz and pretty much stuff that sounds good pertaining to my mood.

    • Date Night, Cable Guy, Green Zone and The Outlaw Josey Wales oh and Magnum Force

    • Fuel TV, House, Pawn Stars, Speed Channel, Blue Bloods,The Walking Dead, Today Show, Harrys Law

    • John Steinbeck(Of Mice and Men)

    • Motocross, Snowboarding, Hiking, Fishing, Superbike Racing

    • Pretty much the things I listed above and chillin with friends

    • My biggest dream is to own my own business

    • I think that would be my ability to get along with just about anyone that is kewl

    • I am a easy going person that just goes with the flow of life, like to chill with friends and mostly act younger than I actually am and enjoy hanging out with younger people