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    • slow,,,pop and etc

    • drama..and adventures

    • news and music program

    • develop management businees of strategy, about the entrepreneur

    • swimming, surfing, basket, football and etc

    • sports, music..tourism, travelling to nature and beaches, mountains, hills and forest of scenery, I like natural

    • wish to be a successfull entrepreneur

    • wish to have my big own company

    • I want to have many friends all of you. We can communicate with each other of us, and then we can be best friends. I want to be a good person and having a good attitude, so anyway That's right, I need someone for my life but I'm looking for the good ladies of personality.. I think it's better to be friends and friendship better than being jealousy..,no hurt,, Okay.. I like.homour/kidding and seriously, simple, romantic, charming.

    • I want to make relationshinp with seriously. Who wants to be my serious partner ? but be friends is better. Contact me .YM ;

  • Aristoteles Alan


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    August 21, 2010



    Indonesia, English

    Asian, Hispanic/Latino