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    • your the only one thats inside ur brain feeling all of ur anxieties and the voices that is telling you that you cant be who u want to be or that ur not who you want to be or that u want to be more like someone els well let me tell u somethin ppl..... ppl r mean to each other but no voice is louder or meaner than the one inside ur head so every day when u look into the mirror and ur mind is telling u all the things u r not and if thos things r ur not cool enoph; ur not pretty enoph; ur not populer enoph; ur not succesful enoph; ur not specole; ur not wonted; ur not uniqe..... thos r not the things u r not.... let me tell u the things u r not... ok here we go..... u r not someone elses opinion of u..... thats what u r not.... u r not goin nowere just cause ur not were u want to be yet; u r not damaged goods just cause u have made mistakes in ur life..... thos r the things u r not.... let me tell u the things that u r now..... would u like to hear the things that u r.... well here we go.... u r ur own deffinishion of beuty and worthwhile and no one elses definishion; u r wiser; stronger and smarter just for the simple fact that u made mistakes in ur life #ilivetoinspire