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    treat me like a lady dont be shady

    April 15, 2010



    Nederlands, English

  • About Me

    • from techno to ravel

    • rubber, fantasy, comedy, thrillers, xxx

    • true blood was my latest addiction... (old comment) completely devoted to RuPauls drag race !!!! :) (new)

    • too many to list here. & ofcourse Eudaemon (story every rubberist should read ! by google it)

    • swimming

    • on tagged just PeTS

    • a villa with seaview and a private beach. ;-)

    • Best describes me best ;-)

    • a genius at eating chocolate

    • Yes whats not to love about it ? Oh yes its sweaty, easy to rip, smells, people look at you funny, hellish to glue, looks too sexy, once on you dont want to take it off...

    • Always welcome , I love getting comments and to give them, but it doesnt mean I want to have sex with you ;)

    • I dont reply to random messages asking how I am or whats my msn. I dont give my skype/app to anyone !!

    • Let's play !

    • Well hello ! :-) I don't have an issue with showing myself on internet in shiny clothes buuuut if you like to gossip about me, please do, I do love attention :-)

    • My name isnt Mistress, you can call me Miss if you are sub but I dont and wont dominate anyone anymore at least not conciously, my ego is big enough as it is. thank you.

    • be ignored and hopefully evolution does the rest. its common sense that you dont speak in letters but in words isnt it ?

    • here to play PETS and not to chat.

    • I accept everybody with a picture, but offer a very low commitance on friendships on tagged, Sorry but just so you know. I do like to keep in touch if there is a cllick, but I also dont alwyas have time nor energy.

    • It is harder then you think.

    • even if it's only 5 seconds a day