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  • Peter L

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    I am what I am and I do what I do

    February 24, 2010







  • About Me

    • My favorite music lies in the realm of classical, instrumental, Pan Pipes, Flute, Classical Guitar, Saxophone, Gospel, Favorite group The Shadows with Hank Marvin.

    • My taste in DVD/VIDEO varies with my mood but Science Fiction, Military, and Western are amongst my favorite categories.

    • My Favorite Television shows are Crime based, either true or fictional. But my all time favorite TV series was MacGyver, closely followed by Star Treks original series.

    • My favorite books are Spiritually and Academically discerned. The Bible, The Encyclopedia, or any of the vast compilations of Ellen G White.

    • My Personal sport would be Ten Pin Bowling I also enjoy watching Cricket, and Golf as well as developing a keen interest in Basketball.

    • My Primary interests are Traveling, Photography, and Horticultural Pursuits. I enjoy anything that stimulates the mind, such as Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and creative ventures such as building miniature model kits and diorama's to enhance their visual aspects.

    • I am a pedantic perfectionist, my goals drive me towards the pursuit of excellence. Life is a school and the education we receive is often difficult. Striving to overcome inconsistencies in our character prepares us for even greater difficulties in the journey ahead.

    • My Best feature lies within the parameters of my faith in Christ for without him I am nothing. I am an active member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Brisbane after 32 years in the Roman Catholic Church and 3 years in the Charismatic Church I joined the Adventist Church 27 years ago and my faith is based on a solid scriptural premise. I have also done private research in eschatology, Theosophy, and have a good knowledge of esoteric as well as exoteric theology.

    • My name is Peter I reside in a suburb on the North of Brisbane with my sister I have a passion for travel and have seen a good deal of Australia as well as visit 18 countries outside of Australia including 2 trips to Israel. My love for photography enhances my love for travel and accentuates my Horticultural prowess. I love to Bush Walk preferring the mountains to the beach although I enjoy walking along the beach at night sometimes sleeping under the stars.

    • Please note that I am not on tagged for concupiscent activity. I am not here to find a woman as I have been deeply in love for many years.. I am here to represent the truth in its purest form that is all.