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    • im into alot of different music but rap,r & b, hipp hop,blues,country, rock,screw, under ground groups. ect.

    • i have way 2 meny to list thenm all just ask me if u realy wanna know...naw im just playen im not gonna be mean yet i love scarry movies and commadie

    • BET,family guy, the simpsons, real and chance of love, i love new york , mostly cartoons....ect.

    • books on god or any thing talking about the real world life is wut im realy into i just love to be

    • football, basketball, vollyball, boxing yea thats my shit

    • ~FAVORITE Color: blue all day every day it flows threw my blood ~FAVORITE Animal: dogz ~FAVORITE Letter: "G" ~FAVORITE Body Part on Opposite sex: neck, back,6 pack,lips,ect. ~ MY Bedtime:when i say so ~MY Most Missed Memory: back in the day when i wuz younger... ~MY Best phyiscal feature: my smile ~ MY First Thought Waking Up: wake and bake ~MY Goal for this year:go back 2 school, & get a better job!! ~ MY Best Friends:god,lestola davis,umpa aka ashley lassiter,d.j ghost,last but not least my haterz...(i love yall) ~MY Weakness: GOD ~MY Fears: GOD ~MY Heritage:black,white,ind.? ~McDonalds or BurgerKing: mc.donalds is the shit ~Strawberry or Watermelon: fuck that i want both ~Hot tea or Ice tea: cold & hot ~ Chocolate or Vanilla : both ~Hot Chocolate or Coffee: coffee ~Kiss or Hug: kiss ~Dog or Cat: dog ~Rap or Punk: rap (im an 80'z baby boo) ~Summer or Winter: i like it hot ~Love or Money: with out love money feels like nothin

    • i just wish 4 this world 2 be a better place

    • my whole body

    • Name:..La'Kiesha Ann.... aka PRECIOUS ~FROM:san antonio,texas ~Eye Color: brown,but i wear contacts alot ~Hair Color: light brown ~Height: 5'5 ~Piercings: about 12 ~Tatoos: just 1 ~Overused Phraze: " dat wutz up,ya digg,datz wut it is then" ~I Love Food: orange chicken or just new shit u know test the waterz ~every 1 knowz i love candy ~FAVORITE Number: 69 no dought im nasty?...ha ha ha...


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    wut it is?...wut it wuz?...wut chu seen?...wut chu didnt see?...keep what you see to yo self!... ya herred me?...

    September 4, 2009