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    • Whats been in the Cd Disc. player as of late Yellow Card Disturbed Fuel Lady Gaga Rush Lenny K Avenged Seven Fold Smile empty soul mostly Led Zeppelin rock related !!!!!!!!

    • vanilla sky casino that was an incredible flick caught my attention yet!!! transformer come on with regals movies like mission impossible for Gods sake somethin that people are gonna want or have or a must see !!! teen age mutant ninja turtles both of them where good

    • mtv! NHL nbcsn homeshop net fox cnn etc lol :)

    • My favorite books & novel not to be straight A$$ hole but not any ones business. novels bye patterson

    • white a$$ Buffalo 4 Life !!!!hockey wwe tna impact UFC bellator football soccer not really when the world cup is on? Most definitely when the Stanely Cup playoffs i like watching. watching super bowl I will view that Event As well &. go st louis cardnials 2014 Boston Red sox!

    • retail industry the ecnomy, Hot chicks drink on ocassion but ya have 2 catch if when & if i rarely have one &;a clubing if im in the right mood !!!!!!Ever hear of Slap Stick Ya thats Aka 4 Hockey Geek meatball!!!!

    • just 2 have a very fullfilled life be around georgus women may be have some sort an athletic carrer Live in A mansion drive the hottest sports cars or Trucks!!!

    • my eyes // maybe tattos on arms no sleeve yet!

    • haveing fun out when i can i dont like belive in takeing life that seriosly life is to short to be a jerk @ll the tim3 !!!!!! just lookin online to see if i can find the girl who going to calm my wild ya half crazy a$$ dowN ~~!!!! !! six is favorite # just for this year Lf"A"o this years 2020 nhlpa is taking stand! NHL21 is the most anticipated! Since nhl 94 we are keeping healthy? ; watching awaiting this years stanley cup champion ship to be continued and entertaing!!! !!!

    • on my vist this time out to the west coast im @ least takeing my time & absorbing what i can When i discover what true serinty &happniess is illl either write it down or illl Just run off it &find deeper other 0ptions I will flush Down my pisser!!!!

    • Wow climbing up that Latter Dont 4 Got thA &t;Break away 4 get the Ladder This What ah waste of talent left out in Buffalo Sabres farm team very disappointed...

    • Game Stoper i will kick your online gamers sick and tired of you what your going to and Rarely back up that shit PS4 and PS3 the Syndicate is the Advanced warfare 4 now Destiny ps3 is Also the Bomb 🚬☣☯

    • Warning: its Not Like i just Figured out How to Play this😎

    • for #1 thank you to the Elite pet players out there! Wish me buy me just dont try to Cheat me tag on And Chive on!😈😎

    • I Am one of the Bests" No offense but i am in search of a new Owner" Td money Here i Come!"

    • Welcome to the Empire R3versE!

    • I am through with being disrespected anyone something to say it my face!;)

    • we make the booty popin!

    • American Bulldogs i had one know i have 2

    • Your homieys most of time Got your back ._."i for get the others@wtf

    • And 8000 profile views here i Come " ready or Not"! Rember that jam!

    • On Notice If John Cena had Double Hed Look Just Like me Ya dig Lol!😎black and yellow back into Affect!

    • American Flag Anthem " Let the people Decide... //the United States Presdient! For once the Presdient is on point in this paticular issue!... Trump is Going to be Trump regardless he suckers the Democrats into his the fights and views where he knows the DnC is in the wrong! My politcal prediction is... Every time the Dnc there cry babys on issue like secrtary of state ... American in General should get behind this presdient it reminds of the boxing story Contender! Trump will verbaly fight the fight and then some give the presdient some slack!

    • baseball sesaon and hockey season oh no! right wing i love you are t he best of all time ! HEY SHRON SUCk my 13 inch Cock dirty Mexcican hoe!

    • yup i just watched it on net flix lol ha ha !American made " was Beast mode"! Creed 2 could have been super smash but instead the movie was a T Bone car crash next time we have a movie where the two old fighters meet Can some some remind rocky to throw a punch Almost wanted my money back thought Annihilation and King Arthur where much better Movies! // still got my fingers crossed for new achivemeants: also every thing that has been circulating like everything is lately " its like a night mare ive fallen into but this one i am fiercly battling" then when the dream is over it happens again " its not like this!" we needed more from Love but we didnt learn nothing! " side notes # i dont get these polticans some of them are crooks most of them are in it for them selves " its gross" it seems like none of them are truly out with the a reyclye program debate all ya want thus far not impressed!