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    August 13, 2009







  • About Me

    • Depends on the mood I am in ;) But mostly R&B

    • Action movies are my favorite, but I like all types of movies really.

    • True Blood, Deadliest Catch, anything Tyler Perry, 2 and 1/2 men, Storage wars, walking dead, Big Bang Theory

    • Football, basketball

    • Music, movies, fishing, boating, concerts, cards, games. I love cooking and cleaning my house. I also enjoy meeting new people.

    • To meet the man of my dreams who I can share my life with and live a happy life.

    • Eyes and lips and my personality.

    • I am a cute BBW, a very good women. I am honest and someone you can count on. I love to laugh and try not to take life too seriously. I also tend to be a little old fashioned in my thinking and open minded.

    • Be honest with who you are, I would like to get to know the real you, not the person you think I want you to be. Without trust and honesty there is nothing.

    • I am adding this section to my profile because I get tired of answering the question why are you single. I don't know why I am single I am a good woman, who is very loving, caring, passionate, honest, loyal, very attentive to my man's needs, I don't need a man to take care of me financially I am a very self dependent woman. I am not a bad looking woman and yes I can cook and love to cook for my man. I believe in being honest and can easily communicate my feelings, and I am there for my man in whatever his needs are. So why I am single I don't know, but I am waiting for that one special man who wants to change that. So now I know if you ask me that question I will know you haven't read my profile.

    • I am looking for a good man who wants a good woman, a man who is mature and needs only one woman, I don't need to be taken care of financially nor do I want to take care of him financially but both be willing to be there for each other. A man who wants an old fashioned woman who loves to cook and clean and will be there for her man. Sex is important in a relationship so it should be to you also. My man should be good with spending evenings at home as well as going out. I don't think this is asking to much