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    As A Man Thinketh So Is He...

    July 30, 2009



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  • About Me

    • Inspirational, Jazz, Soft Rapp-Gansta, R&B, Soft Rock, Love Songs, Luther, Berry White, TuPac, JZ, EarthWind&Fire, Donnie Mc, etc...

    • CNN, SyFy, Local News, TBN, Sports Channel

    • The King James Bible, Understanding The Purpose and Power of PRAYER -Dr. Myles Munroe, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men-Dr. Myles Munroe and Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill

    • MMA-Mixed Martial Arts-Anderson Silva, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago WhiteSox, Dallas Cowboys, Tiger Woods

    • My number one interest is Growing in Christ and my fellowship with God. Second, developing successful people and my success.

    • My dreams are to make the Rapture, A great father, grandfather, uncle, teacher, minister, business man, husband and leader of women and men's success during these difficult times.

    • My ability to lead and follow. My compassion for others and my love for people.

    • I admire the strength God placed in women. That's who mainly raised me for 1/2 my pre adult years.I dedicate this site to Agape Love and the Rapture. I love giving back to the community not only in works but also spiritually through Prayer. I like traveling and marketing and sharing good ideas. I like fellowshiping and worshiping with God/Jesus through song. I enjoy music and shooting pool sometimes. Dominoes is one of my favorite things. I love my friends dearly. I can be a loner at times too. Most of my real true friends are my brothers and sisters and my friends woemn. It's been that way most of my entire life. My mom was my first friend. Regardless, Jesus is Soon To Come!

    • Keep me in your prayers please. I'm prepairing for my first test. Algebra is extremely consuming, ok, Thank you for your support Tagg fam and all the love you show. My first test is Feb 5th. I'm also excited. Love you unconditionally and God bless you all. Thank You Lord for new mercies every morning.....kisses

    • Poped in to let my friends know I love you all...I will be gone until after the 25th of October on business. Don't forget about me and keep me in your prayers as I pray for you. We only have this time here on earth to get it right for Eternity. Love you Unconditionally