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  • Alyssa bernal


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    you will never know true happiness until you have truly love and you will never understand what pain really is until yo have lost it

    June 20, 2009




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    • universal music

    • i dont have time to see any

    • i dont have much time see it!

    • music scaling

    • not intrested

    • acustic guitar Ibanez A200ETG

    • Trying to be a nice girl

    • my eye n smile maybe?hehehe...

    • im pure mexican,latin,hispanish,turky,malaysian and germany... u can catch me in youtube acc HCHSKNIGHTS08 i hope u guys give any comment at youtube giutar model Ibanez A200ETG... I just finished recording my debut album in London, England with Producer Martin Terefe, I will update you with more information about my release date for my album...