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    Reef Nebula

    Helping earth's wanderers to discover who they are

    September 24, 2009



    Caucasian/White, Native American


  • About Me

    • I love jazz

    • Favorite movie was Titanic

    • Hell's Kitchen

    • all books written by David Wilcock

    • Love the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL

    • Writing, dowsing, energy healing and the new earth that is being developed

    • Helping others to discover their own uniqueness

    • My ability to listen and assist others to be authentic

    • I'm a Reiki Master with a full-time practice in the Toronto area. Will be moving to Saint John, NB in the Fall.

    • I buy pets that I think will sell from my pen; do not feel obligated to buy a pet back from me. Pets that I keep tend to be active daily and make purchases daily. I may or may not buy a pet from you if you buy one from me. No hard feelings either way. I am here to enjoy the game. Play to have fun!!! NOT out of obligation" If you want me to help you with your game, communicate with me. Communication is the key to a good experience!