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  • "Mr. Quentin"

    24350 times

    Urban America

    Born and Raised in Detroit Michigan USA

    June 3, 2009



    Black, Native American


  • About Me

    • "old school" music including: jazz, soul, funk, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and of course MOTOWN..

    • comedies, satire, drama, westerns, historically significant films of social commentary, the all time classics..

    • PBS, ESPN, CNN, history channel, science channel, military channel, weather channel, the movie channels..

    • Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley; Native Son by Richard Wright; Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama: A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn..

    • football, basketball, baseball, hockey, the olympic games

    • science, history, geography, military, politics, sports

    • to live a long and healthy life enjoying my days and nights with one and only true Queen..

    • my intellect, veracity, tenacity, and audacity

    • i'm an open minded man of unique "vision"... trying to enjoy life while contributing to society and expanding my mind..

    • to experience the world and feel passion for life...

    • photography, walking, reading and creative writing..