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    Here to find great friends... I give up on REAL LOVE or being in LOVE ...besitos

    May 10, 2009






  • About Me

    • I Love all music.. but Spanish CUMBIAS are my favorite as well as everythign that has beat... I love country as well .. all kinds... besitos my friend s... there are so many beautiful songs that get so deep in my heart. Wish to dance slow song someday with the love of my life for the first time ever.

    • OMG... I love all the Romantic movies Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, so many to name ... I love sad story that make me cry because makes me let my tension out and makes me realize that there are more people worse than we will ever be...makes me be more human and more giving to others... helps me say .. I am doing great thankyou .. and move on and laugh. ACTION MOVIES I love MARTIAL ARTS and GUNS .. Yes I could have been a Military person if my parents would have let me .. hehehe. but I do love pink so

    • I like alot of tv shows... but I dont watch them much anymore .. I love soaps in spanish... you cannot sleep with your man til you get married by church .. hahaha.. SO my parents let me believe that one and I followe the rule but .. next time I around I may I like everything .. I enjoy everything.

    • Books wow.. well I love every book of every class I get .. I love to read and never have enought time to read more and more .. always busy .. but I do have a book store at my house .. hahah seems like anyways.. I never read a Romance NOVEL I think I would cry and cry all day and eat bon so better not

    • I love all sports ..Basketball with my boys, Tennis , Racketball, I love swimming and I love DANCING is that a sport .. hey I get to move and I do move very well thank you very much .. is ZUMBA a sport well it should be .. since I move and move and move have fun and am exercising alot of muscles .. just like belly dancing class .. does that count? I Love bowling, shhoting guns arrows...all sports some never tried but would love to on tv , races motorcycles, FOOTBALL .. cowboys and 49ers my favorite.. hm what else .. I am not picky.. I worry about others and waht they want and like though... I am not afraid to break my long nails doing soemthing fun or spending time doing somethign not so femenine

    • I would love to be in love someday and be very happy... that my children grow and go to college and they become great man and happy as well .. so they can make their wives happy and their kids as well .. I want to be in love and smile every day when I wake up well I do already but my smile goes away when some people are just negative...I love life and everythign that has to offer .. I love people and believe in them . scared sometiems of people and the things they do or say they will do . I love working and helping others...

    • dont' know . you tell me

    • I love people enjoy talking to friends about everythign NOT sex lol. I love almost everythig there is a few things I just do not like . Spiders and Snakes, Anchovies, and hmm thinking oh yes men that are online asking for sex, or a terrible mouthlike bad words and mean. Other than that everythign can be possible or fix or arrange, I love Dancing, Singing, Love Karate, Watch UFC , will look into what else,I want to finish my degrees someday but my kids are always first. Since the moment they were born they have become my number one Priority, I want to raise great men and my baby girl a great woman. I love talking to people and learning from them and their ideas. there are may thigns I haven't done in my life time, Never done drugs nor want to, well so many things to say Just know I love people and I think that children are angels, and I would give my life to save one if the opportunity was infront of me so if I love all the other children can you imagine how much I love my own.