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  • Ian S


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    April 24, 2009






  • About Me

    • I like all kinds as long as it isn't to much of the bad language or erotic crap or to much gangster stuff. Get enough of that crap and it pollutes ur mind to much. Garbage in, garbage out!

    • pritty much anything as long as i have the time and depending on the mood as to which one i might watch.

    • Books on wealth and growth as a leader and person either from Christian or other. Mostly on facts though. Science related material.

    • I use to do martial arts a few years ago. Played ten pin bowling. I also am a mean chess player too hahaha but i don't think its considered a sport as such. Basically i try to keep active if possible when i am not working or building my business that is.

    • As stated already. Mostly at the moment its Business

    • want to be financially free so as able to do more in life then a i could having a boss and so on.

    • Hhhhmmm maybe my blue eyes i suppose :)

    • I'm 5'0 or 153cm tall weight 40kg something i haven't checked lately. Physical build would be toned but not model type body hahaha.. I am a man who has goals and standards . I am nice enough person i hope, people seem to like me. I know who i am and what i want and i have no lack anymore of confidence and dont mind building other up too. I am strange sometimes which seems to make people laugh. So if u want to know more lets chat. :)