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    My So HOT Page!

    “if u dont like any rule, just follow it, reach the top and change the rule ”-----Qasim----

    April 11, 2009



    English, Urdu, Bahasa Melayu




  • About Me

    • Depend on My Mood

    • Many

    • Nothing Special

    • Every Book is important for me but HOLLY QURAN is the best book in world

    • cricket

    • Travelling,Friendships,many things else

    • wana do something special for my sweet MOTHER

    • ..........

    • LOVE mE wiThouT fEaR.. TruSt mE wiThouT RiStRictioN... wAnT mE wiThouT dEmAnD.... AcCepT mE hOw i M....(hurt me with TRUTH but don't satisfy me with a LIE)