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    • Hip Hop, Soca , Reggae , RnB . . not in that order..

    • The Italian Job, Juice, Finding Forrester, ll the Oceans Films (11- 13) . No Contry for Old Men etc ..

    • The Wire, Family Guy , and a bit of (kidding) MTV Canada, News

    • alot


    • Life . and the Odd People in It ...

    • I dreamt one time i was in fight.. but as im trying to hit dude im not making contact . no matter how hard i try i hit him it doesnt phase him . ... but im sure dats not what u mean by dreams huh ??

    • im not a car or piece of technology. i dont come with

    • Basically in just here promoting my show and events as they come along and I will occasionally drop a quick hi to some of y'all So don’t be shy... say hi back. (I guess some people haven’t been reading my Journal)..

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    November 17, 2008