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    it a big world out there, when your the special one ,do your thing . somebody out there some, where, must be a eating what she wants(\c)

    November 14, 2008



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    • all type rock , mod, punk, hip-hop, plus many other, included pop, jazz, rock'N' Roll .all type of muzic funk. i liked them allevan opera, some i do some i don't music is the food that we sing , & play to the rhythem to you mind , let it take you over , babe me, then why don't ya then . yes .i know i do.(C) if they say that musicis the key of sound , than u got be the key off life , just to here u say , one single word , would make me dance in joy, but if there was time in our life , we coul;d reach & touch each other by the hand, so u see what u need , is a little bit love to please me. (C) let the music say , what u want to say , let the beat play , what u herd all day, let us play around all day , girl u are to me , my ever dream, so let it play, around with your mind the way. life , is great let the music play around today.(C).

    • all types of Movies that are out there or been made . well i like all types, evan writing about them as well, can't say what but, yah sir re, so modern & old . all kinds' movies a movie to watch .

    • all t.v programme ......... they all good as log as you know, what type, baywatch getting old now, more of big brother e.g. type as well as the usaul dramas , & films , some doc. but not much more then that.type.corrie ,eastender , police ( they film around where i Am some times, lot of others as well

    • charles dickens , plus other baron, many people think that they know scott, but all so do they , shelly, plus other myself i ...;.. (C) so the the truth of the matter is that we , like u ,. but hold 2 what u could , only life could bring it's ups& down, as they marched , from haven too hell , through thickness, & thiness of the ice , they saw it could be a new begaining & a new world , this would make men out of boys & boy to men , time & all the ups & down , till death & wait for thearmys that sing like the pain of death , as it walks into your life, as the dreamer dreams on , but only would it be true to all, the wind , & the sun burns your back, till you see the depth of the tide& clouds , that would bring you , storys of old but of new , but of told u, these are the thing that make the world spin, around & around , forward it must go , as it has no time, nobody knows but do they care , what ever life brings them , in the air , the breath , the light , only of sight. as the blind .

    • football , cricket, swiming, tenis, driving, bikes, the team i lke is Chelsea football Club, whatnew, i write about football as well & i writen about 22 pages about M-united , as i got alot from it For my team Chelsea.F.C..... (C) they say it the team u sport that make u , but is'tn it the team that make the players ,& the sport the player, but one thing is stright, it would take a lot to make u into a player , thanu a player. play at it's best, play at the game , play with control, but make sur your there to play it , fast & score . goal of life , or the cup...

    • music all types of music evan ,D.J . rock pop, poped the rock top the beat don't stop, the music ma, ma, ma , man . don't you think about it all the time then .(C) as well as it gets, the day turned to night , then we rest to the higher tide &time , don't ya stop the music , as it wantsto play , play around aall the day , don't say the words & make me stay , okay,./////////////(C) ......see what you can but don't leave it standing bye , for know ,(C)

    • true good, now dreams are good , but they got be ones that come true, something speacial & might be the one . in a dream , but it could lead to no good or what you call a bad draem then try to wake up .................. wonder about what you dream might be something that could come true, it (C) they say dream could come true , what about me & you , if you shout out a name & call what you wish in the middlw of the road , could i follow u , it's history that leave me here to see the day , see it clear & there i stand in my empty hearted room .

    • Myself ,working hard looking forward to the weekend & going on this thing called Tagged. not telling you , get looking into the sky , i throught i swa u there , wish me well, as love, leads too hell, the words that i say too you all day , remeber to call me in my lonely little room , close to the view , i saw your face , than i looked deep inside your eyes & there was the love i left behind, it's all in my mind ????(C)

    • football crazy & music mad: this could or would have been something to write about, i am doing a course in producting music at the moment & then Into film productsion , coming next . plus do like cars ect............what about boats, cars, planes , evan fashion, something about time , eating , but i can't due to getting fat. how was the day , that told what to say , so time is old , time is new , but behold the words that still get told , get a life & then u merryin time , the girld of your dreams , left half past nine, so once u get older & they all have told u , that life begains again & again till you reach the time , that's when u look at your watch , surrender to mine (life) love is a flower that blossom so bright , the colours that echo , sent of the smell, will bring u back again , like the women , it pretty much bold , the sweeter the petal , the brighter i was told .(C)