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    July 1, 2008



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    • I love swimming very much on the Ocean sometimes and walking with my dog always.

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    • I decided to try this.I believe internet is good way to meet someone.And for you who are reading this I can start with that I am an intrusting lady.But this is slightly difficult as writing about oneself,usually sounds somewhat egotistical. I am waiting for the greatest gift can give the gift of myself !!!!!

    • Like sports very much, is a good teacher to professor at the art tai chi chuan, for physical fitness, prolong life. Fluent in English and Japanese communication and give lectures, proficient in traditional Chinese diet culture, is a very good family care physician, received a good education, was born in Beijing, a traditional family, travel around the world. Has rich experience in operation and management, life rich and colorful, inner good, gentle personality, has been a dream of owning a big garden or farm, love small animals, advocating the nature.

    • Simple, generous, understanding of different cultures, respect for foreign customs, good at listening and talking thought, has the connotation of the gentleman. If you are true? Come on ! Hold my hand travel together? Have you given any thought to your future? I enjoy Chinese Taichi and take a good health always. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to meet your heart's longing...... I speak best English then will teaching to you how do play Taichi and take care for each other health ? I only wish to face the Ocean.Let's dance life's Tango...