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    Lets get to know each other first

    April 22, 2007



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  • About Me

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    • Don't watch much TV unless i am with that special lady

    • The Bible

    • All of them

    • someone that like to have fun,looking for the right man,like to keep it real and please her man.

    • That when people meet the truth will be told and no lies,We dont have to lie for someone to like us just be yourself,

    • The way that i spoil a lady.

    • I am old school i like getting to know a person.I do not cash ape to see someone body,i like to take things nice and slow dont like for someone to accept a friend request and soon as you say TY or hello to them they are asking for money to me that's not cool. why send someone money that you may never meet or they will block you soon as they get it or make promise that they can't keep.What happen to the old school getting to know each other and moving forward maybe it's the new generation but it's not for me some may agree with me and others may not but it's all good.I'll like to find a good woman that we can get to know each other and as time process and things go ok we can help each other.These days or 150% different from the way things once was.I think that some or not using their own picture on their profile i don't have a picture posted but i will be happy to send one if needed it's not that i am hiding something i have a high profile job and posting a picture is not worth losing my job over.Like i said some will agree and others wont still we all have our own opinion.

    • The way that i keep it real. but you be the judge

    • Anything and everything,Like to travel and enjoying myself .

    • To find someone to spoil and will not run away because she because a Queen.