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    May 28, 2007






  • About Me

    • Rap, R&B

    • a lot of them......

    • The Game, 106 and park

    • not really into da readin, not enough to just pick a book. but don't get me wrong, i can read

    • Basketball(BULLS) Football(SAINTS, SEAHAWKS)

    • Music

    • Sad to say, but i don't have any big dreams rite now

    • U tell me..............

    • u only got one life to live, so i live it ta da fullest....

    • my personality


    • A wife and kids 1 day

    • shouts out ta da whole Kongo Ape Squad. we in dis Bitch!!!!!!!!

    • Swag School is now in session

    • cocky lil nigga, stay poppin taggs. i guess its da swagg dat keep dem hatas madd. Evisu's on mi azz wit a pocket full of cash. i can tell u don't like it but u just play it off and laugh. ion chase skirts, skirts chase me. Dey kno imma beat da pussy up like mi name was Ali. FUCK who don't like it nigga im just bein me. and if u gotta problem wit it u can stay from round me. Yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!! K.O.N.G.O we in here

    • Im soo tired of fightin. u startin 2 act madd when i call, i text and u dont text back. u was soo sweet when i first meet u, but now its like your a whole diffrent person. ive done nothing but love u and in return u treat me like dirt. y? im a thug but thugs need love 2. if it came down 2 it I would give my life 4 u. sumtimes i wonder if u even love me. im a emtey soul in need of da old u, da girl dat use 2 stay on da phone all night because nither 1 of us wanted 2 b da first 2 hang up. just my thoughts....