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  • ✈Rick✈ to pets game thank u 👍✈️

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    Someone who can always make you smile ..

    March 27, 2007






  • About Me

    • Most music ....favor country ...songs like" Dance with me" makes me smile....little mix,5H,Danielle Bradbery,Angie Miller

    • The Notebook .The Note II, PS I love You , Message in a Bottle...any romance ,mystery,or action movie

    • Bones ,CSI.Burn Notice,Eureka,LA Ink,House

    • Nora Roberts,Grisham

    • Tennis ,Golf, Bowling, Shooting Pool ,Darts,Putt

    • roller blading ,sailing, the ocean, flying, shooting pool ,nascar, skiing ,music,movies, photography,bowling, golf, and tennis ,,,have done it or tried

    • a very nice person looking for the same

    • CANCER - The Coolest guy ull ever meet. (6/22-7/22) Great kisser. One of a kind. Extremely energetic. Unpredictable.kind ,funny, thoughtful , and generous of their time

    • 1.I am logical and so I can fix anything and am a SPONGE for new information 2.A huge heart 3.I love holding hands and cuddling 4. A romantic 5.I like to cook 6.I like to try new things . 7. I very easy going ..feel comfortable in a crowd or just the 2 of us 8.. I love movies about love and romance.. 9. I'm affectionate 10. I love music !! Taylor Swift is one of my favorites 11. I'm charming...and have a heart that's golden 12. I love art 13. I love traveling. oh ya!! SD LAX FL are some of my favorites 14. An extrovert .. 15. I have a pretty witty sense of humor

    • .. I love all animals.. I'm very into art--especially photography., art studio's .museum..ETC,,..I love traveling SD LAX FL or wherever that has sun and a beach... I'm very romantic... I'm very open-minded and accepting of everyone . I'm very caring,,,got your back !! I'm spiritual..I believe in God ,,. I love meeting new people...

    • Rick chat ID or E-mail is

    • It's not the presence of someone that gives life a beautiful meaning, -----it's the way that someone touches your heart that gives life a beautiful meaning

    • CSI,pure genius ,Cold Case--- Tom Clancy ,Nora Roberts and John Grisham..the beauty and the baker