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  • Ir. Hydir


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    Lets re-enginnering the nation as the country is in distress!

    January 14, 2008



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    • luv to hear nasyeed! so peacefully...

    • LOTR, Matrix, X-men trilogy

    • CSI, Football EPL

    • This is our country...we love our country, our nation, our religion. Now, it is under threat by cronism, nepotism, secularism... Lets re-enginnering the nation for a better place to live by doing what is stated in the best handbook of and Hadith

    • Chelsea's True Blue Fan since 2000! Other teams...sorry.

    • To re-engineering the nation by live in dignity n die as syuhada'

    • heh...luahan rasa sukan ku... thekakibangku dot blogspot dot com