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    "Commit your actions to serving the Lord and your plan will succeed"

    September 20, 2009



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  • About Me

    • My music interest is as diverse as my background. It ranges from Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Old School to Nu Skool, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, etc. I especially like music that speaks to the soul.

    • I am a movie buff! I have also been blessed to have worked in the industry. Feature Films: 2000 Set Dresser "Juwanna Mann" Morgan Creek/WB - 1996 Set Security "Liar" - 1991 Set Dresser "Paradise" Interscope/Touchstone - 1991 Set Dresser "Rich In Love" Zanick County/MGM - Independent Films: 1989 Transportation Captain "Daughters of the Dust" Geechee Girls Production - 1987 Transportation Co-Captain "Heart of Midnight" AG Production.

    • Made for TV Movies: 1998 Set Dresser "C.S.S. Hunley" TNT - 1997 Set Dresser "Carriers" Rosemont Productions/CBS - 1992 Wardrobe P.A./Extra "Queen" CBS - 1990 Set Security "Separate but Equal" Republic/ABC - 1990 Set Dresser "Brother Future" Wonderworks/PBS - 1990 Set Dresser "Promises to Keep" Warner Bros./NBC - 1989 Driver/P.A. "Voodoo Dawn" Stillwell Productions - 1989 Set Dresser "Unspeakable Acts" Morgan Creek/ABC - 1988 Draftsman/PA "Dessa Rose" - 1986 Driver/Wardrobe Department "A Special Friendship" CBS - 1985 Extra "North & South" CBS - Commercials: 1989 Driver/Wardrobe Department "Cotton Commercial #163" Peter Mann Decktor Productions.



    • In the past 28 years, while holding on to my dream, my background has diversified. I have worked as a draftsman, a freelance photographer, a limousine driver, a set dresser for various films and theater productions, an actor, and manager of my family's business, etc. As a result of this diversity, I was blessed to meet many notable people such as Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Akousua Busia, Ozzie Davis, Angela Bassett, Forrest Whitaker, Erica Gimpel, Richard Brooks, Jasmine Guy, Cicely Tyson, Danny Glover, Tony Todd, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tico Wells, Gina Gershon, Kelly McGillis, Stephanie Mills, Chub Rock, Whitney Houston, Melba Moore, Shirley Murdock, Frankie Beverly...The list goes on and on. Most of my work in the past 28 years has been either directly or indirectly related to the Gullah culture and/or the pursuit of my dream.

    • MERGER PUBLICATIONS began as a dream in 1980. I developed a fascination with magazines at an early age and that fascination developed into a passion. In my dream, I envisioned a magazine that focused on the gullah culture. A culture that I grew up in and one that was not being recognized by the national publications.

    • In 1982, I began developing GEECHEE™ magazine. Unfortunately, the term “geechie” had a stigma attached to it and I was unable to gain the support that I needed to make my dream a reality. It is obvious that my dream came far ahead of it’s time because now, the time is right for GEECHEE™ magazine. The gullah culture has become very marketable. MERGER PUBLICATIONS will have exclusive rights to GEECHEE™ magazine for all print media, electronic media (Internet home page, CD-ROM, Interactive Publications, etc.), catalogue business, and possible seminars and workshops devoted to the business.

    • I am the founder of MERGER PUBLICATIONS, parent company of GEECHEE™ magazine, dubbed, THE MAGAZINE FOR THE IN-CROWD™. GEECHEE® Preserving the Gullah Culture since 1980 Actor & Miscellaneous Crew for Films 🎥 TV Shows 📺 Videos 📹 and Theatre 🎥 Rebuilding my account

    • I want to meet the kind of people that are interested in making positive changes in the world. GEECHEE™ magazine is designed to educate and empower the general public with special interest to the fifteen (15) to sixty-five (65) age groups including both sexes. The subject matter will include educational, entertaining, community, business and consumer type information. Some unique features of GEECHEE™ include its location in the land of Gullah (from where the name derives), its editorial simplicity, and its focus on the local community as an integral part of the global scene. Also, the editorial content and consumer feedback will be an awakening for the world.