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    • When we Make Love thats the Music I want to hear in my Head..

    • Let's Make Our Own Movie

    • Is there really anything good on TV anymore?

    • No time to read.. I get enough information on TAGGED. lol

    • Mattress Jumpping. UhLaLa

    • Women that know how to communicate and enjoy the greater things in life.

    • That one woman that I could share the rest of my life with.

    • My Mind and Sense of Humor

    • To All My Great Friends Thank You again. Love you all 💕💕💕💕 √GIFT GENUINELY √ I DON'T FLIP DIAMOND √ RESPECTFUL √ GOOD VIBES ONLY ❤JUST HERE TO VIBE N HAVE FUN 🤘 ❤SALUTE FOR ALL MY BOUNCER N GIFTER, 🥰 IG : CrazyBobs4U Welcome to join The Puk Puk Team too!!!

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