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  • Terry B


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    Life is like a 100 year road trip. Make as many new friends as you can along the way. Cherish everyone with love & respect, and you will be wealthy.

    October 3, 2008



  • About Me

    • I like Country, Bluegrass, classic rock, 1950's through 1970's, some classical and a pinch of salsa.

    • I love comedies. 3-stooges, Abbot & Costello, Laural & Hardy, Ma & Pa Kettle, Martin & Lewis, just to name a few. I also enjoy action/adventure movies.

    • National Geographic, Civil War History, How to

    • I'm hooked on Wrestling, < WWE, ECW,ect >: moto-cross, Motorcycle races and formula-1 racing.

    • I like making new friends, and riding to new places. When not riding, I'm salmon fishing, or if the weather is nice, doing tours with my porsche club.

    • Dreams are what we all have. But reality, is what we get.

    • I enjoy riding my Burgman 650 scooter to work and on road trips in and out of state. My California trip was great!. Hey! don't laugh at my scooter, it's 650cc's of raw power and weighs in at 625lbs, and, a top speed of 115mph. This is not gramp's little vespa scooter here. I also like fishing for King Salmon when I get the chance.