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    I'm pushing for success, If I add or accept you, it's for networking or friendship only.

    January 28, 2008



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  • About Me

    • I love a wide range of music. I placed some here so feel free to listen to a few tunes while you check out my profile.

    • Way too many to put in here but to give an idea of my taste: Action Adventure, some sic-fi, drama, mysteries, thrillers, educational

    • I prefer movies rather than TV.

    • Many authors come to mind but I will say this, read for your purpose and direction.

    • I like sports but I'm not a junky. I would rather watch with my lady or create our own game.

    • I'm interested in business, not romance. I care about the well being of people. So many of us get off to a bad start and stay there, it doesn't have to stay that way. For those who want better call me, for those who don't call will get what you have been getting. I hope it's what you want, If not my company info is to your left, use it and it's about bettering your life. Look me up, check my site, poke holes, I dare you. Change is coming and you need better than what you've been getting, it's ok to want better. Your best is yet to come. It will be my pure pleasure to help in your process of living and not just surviving. Just take a look and listen, it cost you nothing to get informed.

    • My dreams are personal and I share them with those who dream as I do.

    • Is my mind and my ability to love far beyond the capability of those who love deep and hard. I am a thinker and once the decision is made I commit with all that I am.

    • By all means,, don't get me wrong but I'm looking to NETWORK and make friends while I'm here. I'm not looking for a woman online or a relationship outside of friendship.. We can flirt, laugh, pass notes, wink, smile, and what ever tagged comes up with next. I love meeting people and some times share parts of myself with those people. I know what I want as well as to where in life I wish to be. Love and respect to you all.

    • Please allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable... something like your mind. Your thought processes excite me...I am stimulated by your mind, deep and wet, with the waters of critical thinking flowing like the rivers of time. Can I gently caress your intellect with concepts that I have created as I undress your thoughts with my eyes. I know what you want because imagination never lies. The truth is all in your head. I know because, so am I. It's better that way...wetter that way, because creative juices never stop flowing . Knowing what I want, you give me a piece of your mind. You seem nervous, must be your first time sharing your mind. Don't worry it won't hurt you but you might get addicted . Once you get the feeling , it's hard to stop, no longer being restricted by physical inclinations to do it every time I see you. ..not in public because someone might see. But they still won't know how I gently lick your gray matter as we roll around your brain's master bedroom

    • ...trying not to disturb anything that would give us away. I know it's never felt like this, nobody's ever been this deep. You feel exhausted, feeling as though you need sleep. And we have never even kissed! But it wasn't a dream as I slowly thrust swollen creativity over your imagination... rythmically...until our thoughts explode simultaneously...and we engage in mental intercourse..

    • MY INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY! Everything else is just a bonus… :-)

    • I'm into a lot of things but to put some thing in here, I'll say playing keyboards, singing, culture studies, business, people. I do like people but please limit your questions and be to the point. My email is over flowing with nonsense. I will listen and keep it between us but keep in mind that it's about becoming a better person so if your not looking for a resolution, keep it too your self.

    • To grow my business so that I can leave it to my children and enhance the lives that come into contact with mine. Take my lover and best friend around the world just for the experience. I desire to be a blessing to those who are less fortunate than I. Fund a strangers children through college and pay down debt for others. Show you how to live a great life just like mine...

    • To be the man that I was divinly created to be...

    • There are just far to many of you who have healthy deliveries with no complications work back to your normal sizes. I could give a lofty explanation just to tell you in laymen terms that being healthy is in. You know this already yet we hide behind labels such as thick, big boned, healthy etc... Bottom line is this people, we are a dying nation because we lack responsibility and control. The United States has the largest number of clinically obese people any where else in the world, we're passing this to our children. This is for us all,, GET A GRIP PEOPLE IT'S NOT CUTE!!! Most women want a sound relationship with intimacy that doesn't require fighting a flesh mound. Guess what ladies, most men are no different. Men aren't the bosses of the relationship so stop trying to make demands. More can be had if you give yourself to her completely. Playing the field doesn't make you a man to be respected, it just shows the lack of backbone and clearly defines what is considered to be a joke.

    • Ya need ya taxes done? Hit me up. Need Direction in your business? Hit me up. Need a business consultant? Hit me up. Need a musician? Hit me up. Need a vocalist? Hit me up. Need to start your own business? Hit me up.. Ya can't get hired because of your background? HIT ME UP!!!!!!!! here is the site address

    • Looking at the larger scale of things, if you don't own anything you have no leverage. I have a business card on my wall. Take the time to look up my website and consider how your life could change for the better by owning your business, time and money. You have dreams and desires but not enough money to make things happen. Here is a way to bring your dreams to a reality. Call me if your wanting a true change in your life. This will require an investment on your part, after all if your not willing to invest in yourself, why should anyone else????

    • I’m networking with Youngevity @ The goals for this year is to help individuals regain their financial status as they desire it to be. This is about becoming a business owner!!! If you desire our services and products then by all means visit me and lets get your savings today while the cost remains low!!