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  • Michael A...a.k.a. "WICKED"


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    blue night

    I give good love ((((((((((HUG))))))))))

    November 18, 2009






  • About Me

    • I love my old school slow jams & raps, I enjoy R&B, Isleys, Will Downing,Rap,Hardcore Rap, Love Making Music That last a long , long time....

    • Action, horror, comedies, almost any old black and white movie, the 1st 48, cop shows, monster movies are the best....

    • CSI, The 1st 48 hours,basketball,football, UFC,American Pickers, Antique Road Show, Science Channel, History Channel,

    • I am writing two books but need an editor....LOL! I look reading D.Y.I. books, anything that help train my brain

    • I am train in all types of weapons, firearms,MMA, Basketball, Football, Finding odd items...( I am like a fred sanford...) I collect everything from old scrap metals to flea market stuff.

    • A Private Investigator.(retired) I love to collect things all kinds of things....just call me "FRED". I want to leave a good mark in this world before I leave it so my name will carry for many,many years...Being able to UNLOCK all of me and my skills....

    • Mom passed away Jan. 5, 2015...she was my rock.... So I must carry on...I'm looking for a real friend type mate... ,to find that one really true friend I can call MY LADY....LOL! ( a female me) The one woman that can make me feel like what Will Downing is singing about. To make it rich and go treasure hunting at all those places I want to go to...To Leave a good mark in this world like Dr. King, And our President.

    • I was told I never give up,My brain, my eyes, My heart,my skills to make a Lady feel really good. ( I am "11 1/2.". on a scale of 1 to 10).LOL! I draw, I write, I live life to the fullest...anything else come ask yourself...LOL! * Ladies* if your man is cheating on you....We can catch him...LOL! Agent's Secret Services

    • I am 5'8", 185 toned pounds, A Private Investigator, Protection Broker, father , Son, "Friend", Lover of FINE THINGS....even with me being poor.....LOL! I AM AN "AQUARIUS", anything else you want to know stop pass and ask.

    • I am an Ex-Dancer, Ex- Male Escort(females only) (Yea! I got Paid for my goodies.. ...Can bring any woman to her knees within minutes..LOL!), Still a Private Investigator, Still Business Owner, Big Brother to 47 kids in my hood, awards for (MMA,Baltimore City Citizen Award,) I. Q. Is at 127 on a 145 far...LOL!, I wrote a book about my pass, I wrote a book on Male and Female Relationship, I have mad Street skills, And I am getting better Every-DAY!