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    June 26, 2009




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    • caN caLL mE a aTiey or Wan, 23... LivinG iN a sOmEwheRe iN Kay Bee... a tHiRd cHild Of tHe mOsT Loving N Happy fAmiLy eVeR fOuNd iN hiStOry. i bOw 2 OnLy OncE gOd, ALLAh. i..m a siMpLe giRL witH a siMpLe LifE, i dUnnO hOw 2 disCribe mysELf... sOmEtiMes kiNd, bUt SomEtiMes cRazy, nOt sO stUpiD but nOt sO cLevEr... sOmetimes gOOd, buT sOmetImes bAd. i LikE tO kEEp tHinGs tO myseLf... bUt u wOn..t rEgRet oNce u kNow wHo Are-tiey is..prObebLy uR cOmmEnt wOuLd b Da Best tO disCriBe mysElf..!!