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  • Emma E


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    Who says u cannt be the best? Certainly not God or did He?

    December 29, 2008





  • About Me

    • reggae,country music

    • western,action

    • sports channels

    • novels,inspiratiopnals

    • soccer

    • sports,being in a happy family,progress in every thing I do

    • To live life to the fullest. To be accepted for what I am and be best in everything I do.

    • you tell me

    • I love the truth and all sincere people are my friends. I hate lies,sadism,racism, oppression, wickedness and unbridled anger. Who ever has traces of any or all of these can not be my friend. The least you can give to life is to love your neighbor is youself. The end of time is at hand.

    • Man utd fc, England

    • c.ronaldo